What this is all about

I didn’t think I had much of an accent until I spent some time with family in New York. Apparently, I do.

I was born in Arkansas, moved to Kansas, then to Texas, and now live in Georgia. …so, who even knows what those people were talking about, me having an accent!

You can read the posts on our blog in whatever accent you choose, but the content will be about:

my family – I’m the youngest of three and the only daughter. My momma is from the south, and my daddy is a full-fledged, proud-of-it Yankee. We didn’t have much extra money when I was growing up, but we made up for it in church, Little Pizzas, and the love language of sarcasm. Y’all. We’ve got some stories. I can’t wait for y’all to meet everybody!

my faith – There will be no fire and brimstone on these pages. The God you’ll see in these posts is the One I’ve come to know who is love and grace and guidance. Sometimes, the Lord lays something on my heart to share that connects a personal story to one of His stories in the Bible, and I get so much out of it, I have to share! Sometimes, He tells me NOT to share, and I do it anyway, and almost immediately regret it. Balance, right?! I’m a work in progress, to be sure, and you’re going to hear about the God that makes me more than I could ever be on my own.

my soapboxes – I have a few. I’m an Enneagram 8 (wing 7) and am wired to fight for anyone I think is being marginalized, be it my friends and loved ones of color, the necessity of, not just introducing technology into a child’s life, but also equipping that child to navigate this ever-changing digital landscape well, the forgotten and passed over children learning in inner-city schools that lack proper funding, and my LGBTQ+ peeps. My soapboxes are hefty, and I’m proud to jump on them when I feel called.

my weaknesses – I’ve taken every personality test I can get my hands on. They all say the same thing: I’m an extrovert. who likes to lead. who doesn’t like to be told what to do. who speaks too quickly and usually too loudly. who loves hard and feels everything deeply, no matter the emotion. -I can be a lot- And, at my age, I am wholly convinced that God made me this exact way. So, in extreme transparency, I commit to sharing my weaknesses and failings because they aren’t what define me, but I’ll be damned if I don’t use them to refine me!

my collections – I’m a collector – a collector of stories and traditions and memories. But, I’m also a collector of things: star shapes, vintage thermoses, Ferris wheels, vintage swim, children’s books, vintage sewing, letter “b”s, vintage office supplies and red and white dishes. I’m a weekend warrior so long as that means going on road trips to antique and junk (or bum-rush a farmers market… gah! Take my money!) in new cities around Georgia. House tours are on the brainstorming board, and I’m here for it! I’m ready to be inspired by your feedback and recommendations for my little bungalow!

my obsessions – I go hard, or I don’t go at all. I’m an all-or-nothing-kind of girl which means I’m obsessed or I’m indifferent. There is no in-between. So, my current obsessions are as follows: I’m an avid reader leaning into, mostly, historical nonfiction though I can get lost in an Elin Hilderbrand Nantucket beach novel real quick. I’m mesmerized by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and inspired by the athletes of the Negro Baseball Leagues. I’m a plus-sized woman learning to love and dress my body well. I’m a member of two 12-step programs and attend meetings every day. At the drop of a hat, I’m down for a cool night on a patio with an adult beverage in my hand, some chips and queso within reach, and close friends around the table. Full bellies and belly laughs are my favorite.

And, now you know. You have the inside scoop. The 4-1-1. You know more about me than a thousand real-life friends because I’m not much of a sharer unless it’s through written word and available for everyone in the free world to access on the internet. And, while that doesn’t make much sense now, it will, eventually. Keep reading.